November 15, an envelope with the commemorative stamp dedicated to the 150th birth anniversary of Ivan Zholtovsky, architect, was put into circulation

Ivan Vladislavovich Zholtovsky (1867-1959) was a Russian and Soviet architect, artist, educator and an accomplished master of Renaissance Revival in Moscow architecture.

Among his early works are the House of the Racing Society in Skakovaya Street (1903-1905), mansions in Vvedenskaya Square (1907-1908), in Myortvy (1912) and Prechistensky (1913) side streets, and AMO ZiL residential buildings (1923).

In 1945, Zholtovsky School and Workshop was set up by the Government decree, where he worked till his death. In postwar years Zholtovsky workshop completed residential buildings on Smolenskaya Square and Leninsky Avenue. He turned to his favourite Italian motifs while working on the expansion of his 1935 NKVD building. In 1950-1955 Zholtovsky workshop reconstructed the main building of the Central Moscow Hippodrome.

Ivan Zholtovsky's works were highly assessed in our country. He was awarded the title of Honoured Scientist and Engineer in 1937, the Order of Lenin and Stalin Prize, second class. The Belarusian Academy of Science elected him an honorary member in 1947.

The envelope features Ivan Zholtovsky's portrait. The main image depicts the artist's instruments and the building of Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts.

In addition, JSC Marka has issued a special cancellation postmark for Moscow.

Design: V. Beltyukov.
Circulation: 1 million.

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