October 25, four postage stamps to be put into circulation in the “History of the Russian Uniforms” series dedicated to the uniform jackets of the Russian customs service officials

The first official uniform jacket in Russia was approved on August 23, 1827 when a regulation stating that government officials had to wear uniform was signed. The uniform of customs officials was simply cut, deep green and blue in color. It also featured shoulder straps with stars, the number of which represented the rank, and official marks.

The uniform slightly changed after the October Revolution, however retaining its main symbol, two crossed caduceuses (the staff of Mercury). In 1934, uniform, for women operatives was introduced. As a whole, the uniform had a strongly pronounced military feel. In 1946, the number of uniform garments was expanded to include summer and winter underwear, stockings, socks, sweaters, and capris. A division between the ceremonial and service uniform was introduced.

On August 16, 1951, the Council of Minister of the USSR issued a decree introducing a new type of uniform and insignias for customs office personnel. Once again, there were deep green velvet tabs with gilt stars and crossed staffs of Mercury in the black and gray uniform.

The modern uniform borrowed a lot from the pre-revolutionary apparel of customs officials. The deep green color returned, the marks of the departments used before the revolution were re-introduced, the customs flag of 1827 was reinstated.

The postage stamps feature:

– Customs guard and customs chief administrator (1827);
– Inspector and customs chief administrator (1904);
– Inspector and Head of the Chief Customs Administration of the USSR Ministry for Foreign Trade (1952);
– Head of the dog department and a first-class canine specialist (2017).

In addition to the postage stamps Marka joint-stock company is to release a FDC and a special cancellation postmark for Moscow, as well as a souvenir pack with the four stamps and FDCs.

Design: S. Ulyanovsky.
Face value: RUB.
Size of stamp: 32,5×65 mm, size of sheets: 154×154 mm.
Form of issue: sheets with illustrated margins of 8 (4х2) stamps and a mini sheet of 8 (4×2) stamps.
Circulation: 216 thousand stamps (27 thousand sheets) of each value, 40 thousand mini sheets.

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