October 12, a postcard with a commemorative stamp dedicated to the 125th anniversary of chess player Alexander Alekhine to be issued into circulation

Alexander Alexandrovich Alekhine (1892–1946) was a Russian chess player, the forth World Chess Champion, the first RSFSR Champion and the world blindfold play record holder.

The postcard with a commemorative stamp has a portrait of Alexander Alekhine during the match against Salo Flohr in Nottingham in 1936 (on the commemorative stamp), and the result of the 11th game for the world title against Jose Raul Capablanca in Buenos Aires in 1927 with Alexander Alekhine scoring 0:1 (the main image);

A special cancellation postmark for Moscow to be produced by JSC “Marka” in addition to the postcard.

Design: G. Schegol.
Circulation: 11 000.

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