August 4, a stamp booklet dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Bakhchisaray Historical, Cultural and Archeological Museum Reserve goes on sale

The Bakhchisaray Historical, Cultural and Archeological Museum Reserve is one of the best-known and visited sites in Crimea. It comprises 118 monuments of history and architecture, and its fund collections include more than 140,000 museum exhibits. Nowadays, the structure comprises the Museum of Crimean Tatar History and Culture (the Hansaray), the Museum of Archeology and Cave Cities, the Memorial House of Ismail Gasprinski and the Art Museum.

The Hansaray is a former residence of Crimean Khans, a monument of history and culture of universal importance. It is the only specimen of Crimean Tatar palace style. The central concept is the Muslim representation of a heavenly garden on earth. The other famous objects of the reserve are cave cities of Çufut Qale, Mangup, Eski Kermen and others.

The Bakhchisaray Museum Reserve is the center for researching and protecting the historical and cultural legacy of Crimean Tatar and other Crimean nationalities. It is also the largest tourism center of the peninsula with more than 700,000 visitors a year.

The stamp booklet contains a rectangular souvenir sheet, which bears the image of the Hansaray. The booklet cover features a panorama of the Bakhchisaray Historical, Cultural and Archeological Museum Reserve, and the inner pages describe the museum history and its funds.

Design: S. Sviridov (souvenir sheet), O. Shushlebina (booklet).
Circulation: 7,000 copies.

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