July 28, a souvenir sheet dedicated to the 525th anniversary of Ivangorod Fortress is issued

Ivangorod Fortress was erected on the right bank of the Narva River in summer 1492 to protect Novgorod lands from the western neighbors. Named in honor of Ivan III, Ivangorod became a Russian outpost at the border with Livonia, in a place where Hermann Castle, a Danish fortress later expanded and strengthened by the Livonian Order, had been present on the left bank of the river since the 13th century. The fortress became not only a solid defense at the north-western borders of the Russian state but also an important strategic base in a struggle for an access to the Baltic Sea.

The fortress is now a museum and cultural center of Ivangorod, where excursions are arranged, and regional and local events take place. Thanks to restoration works, one can again feast their eyes on the fortress’s awe-inspiring beauty, just like several centuries ago.

Additionally, JSC “Marka” will manufacture an illustrated cover with the souvenir sheet and first day covers with cancellation (Moscow and Ivangorod, Leningrad Oblast) inside.

Design: S. Ulyanovskiy.
Face value: 90 RUB.
Size of souvenir sheet: 105×60 mm, size of stamp in sheet: 42×30 mm.
Circulation: 60,000 copies.

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