July 12, a souvenir sheet dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Bakhchisaray Historical, Cultural and Archeological Museum Reserve is issued

The Bakhchisaray Historical, Cultural and Archeological Museum Reserve is one of the best-known and visited places in Crimea. Opened on November 16, 1917, it was the first national museum of Crimean Tatar.

The museum reserve was founded with the aim to preserve historical and cultural legacy of mountainous regions of south-western Crimea within the boundaries of Bakhchysarai District, and encompasses an area of more than 4,000 hectares. There are 118 monuments of history and architecture and more than 140,000 museum exhibits on display. The reserve comprises several museums — the Museum of Crimean Tatar History and Culture (the Hansaray), the Museum of Archeology and Cave Cities, the Memorial House of Ismail Gasprinski, and the Art Museum, as well as cave cities of Çufut Qale, Mangup, Eski Kermen and others.

The souvenir sheet bears an image of the Hansaray.

Additionally, JSC “Marka” has manufactured an illustrated cover with the souvenir sheet and first day covers with cancellation (Moscow and Bakhchysarai, Republic of Crimea) inside, as well as a stamp booklet.

Design: S. Sviridov.
Face value: 100 RUB.
Size of souvenir sheet: 115×80 mm, size of stamp in sheet: 30×42 mm.
Circulation: 65,000 copies.

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