December 26, a stamp booklet “Russian Football Legends. The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™” is issued

Football is one of the popular sports in our country. In the USSR, there was a football school that fostered outstanding players and coaches boasting will to victory, unquenchable energy and perfect physical conditioning. Athletes, who have gained top score and glorified national football at international scale, can be rightfully called football legends.

The stamp booklet consists of postage stamps issued in 2015 and 2016:
1. Banishevsky Anatoly Andreyevich (1946–1997), a forward, a coach.
2. Bannikov Viktor Maksimovich (1938–2001), a goalkeeper, a coach.
3. Beskov Konstantin Ivanovich (1920–2006), a forward, a USSR national team head coach.
4. Bubukin Valentin Borisovich (1933–2011), a forward, a USSR national team captain and a coach.
5. Voynov Yuriy Nikolayevich (1931–2003), a midfielder and a coach.
6. Voronin Valery Ivanovich (1939–1998), a midfielder, a USSR national team coach.
7. Ivanov Valentin Kozmich (1934–2011), a forward, a USSR national team captain and a coach.
8. Ilyin Anatoly Mikhailovich (1931–2016), a forward, a coach.
9. Kachalin Gavriil Dmitriyevich (1911–1995), a midfielder, a coach.
10. Latyshev Nikolai Gavrilovich (1913–1999), a fullback, a referee of an international and all-Union category.
11. Metreveli Slava Kalistratovich (1936–1998), a forward, a coach.
12. Morozov Nikolai Petrovich (1916–1981), a midfielder, a USSR national team head coach 1964-1966.
13. Netto Igor Aleksandrovich (1930–1999), a midfielder, a USSR national team captain, a coach.
14. Rudakov Evgeny Vasilyevich (1942–2011), a goalkeeper, a coach.
15. Sadyrin Pavel Fyodorovich (1942–2001) — a midfielder, a Russian national team head coach 1992–1994.
16. Salnikov Sergei Sergeevich (1925-1984), a forward coach.
17. Streltsov Eduard Anatolievich (1937-1990), a striker.
18. Khusainov Galimzyan Salikhovich (1937–2010), a forward, a coach.
19. Chislenko Igor Leonidovich (1939–1994) — a midfielder.
20. Shesternev Albert Alekseyevich (1941–1994) — a fullback, a USSR national team captain, a coach.
21. Yashin Lev Ivanovich (1929-1990), a the goalkeeper, the captain of the Soviet Union team.

Design: S. Ulyanovskiy (stamps), A. Yakovlev (booklet).
Face value: 26,50 RUB; 29 RUB.
Size of stamp: 42×30 mm. Size of booklet: 165×115 mm.
Circulation: 13,000 copies.

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