December 1, an envelope with an original stamp dedicated to the 300th birth anniversary of Étienne Maurice Falconet, a sculptor, is issued as part of World Cultural Luminaries series

Étienne Maurice Falconet was a French sculptor, whose works embodied an emotional and lyrical part of the 18th century European Classicism.

The most-known works of Falconet were such sculptures as Milo of CrotonMusic for the Château de Bellevue, and Female Gardener for the Château Cressy; Duck Hunt plaster bas-relief for the Castle of Saint Hubertus; statues WinterThreatening Cupid, and Bather; the Monument to Peter the Great in Russia. 

The envelope with an original stamp features a portrait of Étienne Maurice Falconet against the background of an image of the Bronze Horseman monument to Peter I, as well as a composition of symbols of various kinds of art: a lyre, palette, books, a quill, column and a theatre curtain.

Additionally, FSUE PTC “Marka” will manufacture a special cancellation postmark for Moscow.

Design: V. Beltyukov.
Circulation: 1,000,000 copies.

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