October 13, a stamp booklet dedicated to Russian Arctic National Park is issued

Russian Arctic National Park is the most northern natural area of preferential protection in Russia situated on two polar archipelagos.

National park’s unique location determines its several peculiarities. The Barents Sea, which washes the park from the west, never fully freezes. On the contrary, the East Kara Sea is covered with thick ice for many months. Bowhead whales live at sea near the islands all the year round, and narwhals, rare sea unicorns, usually approach the land.

Russian Arctic is of huge interest for developing ecological and recreational tourism The polar archipelagos still have objects connected with the history of discovery and development of the Arctic from Willem Barentsz, a Dutch navigator and explorer, to Georgy Sedov, Vladimir Rusanov and Soviet polar explorers.

The souvenir sheet depicts a polar bear, a characteristic landscape of the national park and its logo. A stamp booklet is a type of printed product that contains a postage stamp as well as a text and graphic information. The booklet cover depicts a characteristic landscape of the Russian Arctic National Park; the inner pages feature the souvenir sheet and generic views of the park.

Additionally, FSUE PTC “Marka” has manufactured a first day cover and first day postmarks for Moscow and Arkhangelsk, as well as an illustrated cover with the souvenir sheet and first day cover with cancellation (Moscow) inside. Moreover, a stamp booklet is to be released in September 2016.

Design: O. Shushlebina.
Circulation: 20,000 copies.

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