August 5, a postage stamp with surprint dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the first prolonged space flight is issued

In August 1961, German Titov, a pilot cosmonaut, navigating a space ship “Vostok-2”, made the second in the history of the world astronautic science, after the flight of Yuri Gagarin; he covered more than 700 thousand km and made 17 orbits around the Earth.

It was the first record of the duration of being in space. During this time German Titov managed to undertake the set of studies and made the first photo of the Earth from the space; he proved by personal example that people can live and work in the space.

Under the a Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet Presidium of the USSR of August 9, German Titov was awarded the a title of a Hero of the Soviet Union for the successful implementation of the space flight and personal and both the courage and heroism shown.

The surprint of the new face value “31 RUB” was made on postage stamp of 2010 “The 75th birth anniversary of G.S. Titov”, there is the following text on the margins of stamp sheet: “The 55th anniversary of the first prolonged space flight”.

The sheetlet is for sale as an illustrated cover and as a souvenir engaged frame in a case.

Circulation: 30,000 stamps (5,000 sheets).

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