November 24, a postal card with commemorative stamp dedicated to the 125th birth anniversary of Alexander N. Bakulev (1890-1967), surgeon, is to be released into circulation

Alexander N. Bakulev (1890-1967) was a Soviet surgeon, one of the pioneers of cardiovascular surgery in the Soviet Union, President (1953-1960) of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1958).

He was born in a peasant family in the Nevenikovskaya village, Vyatka province. In 1911, after the high school he entered the Medical Faculty of the University of Saratov, in 1915-1918. He served as a doctor on the Western Front.

In 1918, graduated the doctor diploma he began to work as an intern and then as an assistant in Hospital surgical clinic of Saratov University. In 1926 he was invited as assistant to the department of surgery of the Second Moscow Medical Institute (The Second Moscow Medical Institute named after N.I. Pirogov). In 1939, a field-doctoral became a professor and in 1943 Alexander Bakulev became the Head of the surgery department, which he led to the end of life.

During the World War II, Bakulev was a front-line surgeon, then the Chief-surgeon of evacuation hospitals of Moscow, the Head of the surgical department of the hospital treatment and sanitary control of the Kremlin. In 1955, the Institute of Thoracic Surgery (now the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named after Alexander N. Bakulev) was created on his initiative.

He was developed unique methods of treatment, rehabilitation, and conducted a series of reconstructive surgeries, developed new methods of surgical treatment. In 1940, he created a treatment of brain abscesses. In 1948, he was the first surgeon who made a successful operation in the congenital heart disease. He considered as the ancestor of the use of intubation anesthesia in the USSR, as well as the founder of the radical thoracic and pulmonary surgery.

For the development and implementation of radical surgery on the lung he was awarded the Stalin Prize (1949), and for the development and implementation of the operational methods of treatment of acquired and congenital heart and great vessels he was awarded the Lenin Prize (1957).

In 1965, he became the first Russian surgeon who was awarded the “Golden scalpel” honorary award.

The postal card with original stamp depicts a portrait of Alexander N. Bakulev and a scene of surgery under his leadership.

In addition to the release of postal cards a special postmark (cancellation: Moscow) will be issued by FSUE “Marka” Publishing and Trading Centre.

Design: A. Drobyshev
Circulation: 13,000 postal cards.

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