October 21, four postal cards with original stamps in the series “The History of Russian Customs Service” dedicated to the statesmen of Russian Customs Service is to be released into circulation

The history of Russian Customs Service begins at the end of X century, with the first mention of trade duties imposed on commodities on their way from producer to consumer in the ancient Russian state.

In the middle of the XIII century Mongol-Tatars introduced its toll - tamga. Over time, this name was applied to all charges related to customs and to the place of their collection - customs.

After centuries of development path, the Russian customs can be proud of its history, traditions, achievements and people.

At all times, customs officers: statesmen, politicians and public figures; lawyers, economists, scientists, architects, and ordinary customs, - were guarded the economic interests of our country and were devoted to their work. Many of them went down in history as the outstanding figures who have made a significant contribution to the development of customs business in Russia.

This edition is dedicated to Pyotr I. Shuvalov, Dmitry G. Bibikov, Nikolai A. Katchalov, Dmitry A. Obolensky, - statesmen of Russian Customs Service.

Pyotr Ivanovich Shuvalov (1710-1762) was a Field Marshal, a conference minister since 1746 till 1762. With his activities the main events of the customs reform of 1752-1757 concerned, starting with the abolition of internal customs duties throughout the country and the establishment of a single 13-kopecks fee to the ruble, and ending with the development of a new customs statutes and protectionist customs tariff.

Dmitry Gavrilovich Bibikov (1792-1870) was a Director of the Department of Foreign Trade in 1824-1835, Actual Privy Councilor. He was managed the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Finance for twelve years, started the consistent implementation of the customs policy to protect the economic interests of the state, the development of the domestic manufacturing industry, the organization of customs guards for the protection of the state borders, the introduction of customs symbols and uniforms of customs officers, the introduction of certification of customs officers.

Nikolai Alexandrovich Kachalov (1818-1891) was the Director of the customs duties of the Ministry of Finance in 1870-1882, Actual Privy Councilor. He was made a number of significant changes in the customs service during managing the Department of customs duties: the establishment of a new “common to the whole empire” customs flag for customs ships and buildings, approval of provisions on the Baltic Customs cruising fleet, the publication of the first “Regulations on Customs Examiner and their Responsibilities”, and others.

Dmitry Alexandrovich Obolensky (1822-1881) was the Director of the Department of Foreign Trade in 1863-1864, Director of the Department of customs duties in 1864-1870, Actual Privy Councilor. The main contribution is considered a reform of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Finance and the creation of the Department of Customs Duties in 1864-1866. New customs institutions of European and Asian trade were developed in 1865-1869. In 1868, he approved European trade rate for the customs of the Russian Empire and the Kingdom of Poland. A significant event in the Department of customs duties was the establishment of the “Marine surveillance on non-refoulement of contraband by ships” in 1868, what was the beginning of the creation of the Baltic Customs cruising fleet.
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Design: M. Bodrova
Circulation: 13 thousand copies.

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