October 2, a souvenir sheet dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of the city of Derbent is to be released into circulation

Derbent (“locked gate”, “wall”, “made of stone”) is the oldest city in Russia and an outstanding monument of early middle-ages architecture. The city was founded in 438 AD as a Persian fortress consisting of a stronghold (Naryn-Kala) and two stone walls leading down to the sea. It is situated between the Caspian Sea and foothills of the Caucasus, on the Silk Road connecting Asia and Europe.

In Derbent, one can see ancient mosques and madrasahs, cathedrals and minarets, splendid medieval baths and caravanserais, enormous underground water-storage reservoirs and ancient fountains, impressive khan’s palaces and mausoleums, fortification installations and architectural monuments smothered in the green of 700-year old sycamores.

In 2003, the stronghold, the ancient city and fortifications of Derbent were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A souvenir sheet depicts a fragment of the “Naryn-Kala” citadel and the view of Derbent city.

FSUE “Marka” Publishing and Trading Centre will prepare for the release an illustrated cover with a souvenir sheet and first day covers with cancellation (Moscow, Derbent) inside in addition to the issue.

Design: O. Shushlebina
Face value: 35 RUB
Size of souvenir sheet: 100 × 75 mm, size of stamp: 50 × 37,5 mm
Circulation: 75 thousand souvenir sheets.

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