September 17, an envelope with a commemorative stamp “The 100th Birth Anniversary of Sergei Smirnov (1915-1976), Writer, Historian” is to be released into circulation


Sergey Smirnov (1915-1976) was Russian and Soviet writer, historian, radio and television host, social activist, a veteran of World War II, Lenin Prize winner (1965).

He was born in Petrograd in the family of an engineer, spending his childhood in Kharkov city. Sergey graduated from the Moscow Energy Institute in 1937. He began the literary career as a freelance journalist, since 1937, he became an employee of “Gudok” newspaper and a student of a Maxim Gorky Literature Institute at the same time.

During the Great Patriotic War he was a special correspondent for the army newspaper, in peacetime, he worked in the Military Publishing House, then in “New World” magazine. In 1950-1960, he was the chief editor of “Literary Newspaper”.

He began to be published as a journalist in 1934. His books “Brest Fortress” (1957, the Lenin Prize in 1965), “Heroes of Brest Fortress” (1959), “Tales of the Unknown Heroes” (1963), “The Family” (1967), the play “Fortress of the Bug” (1955) and etc., as well as performances of Sergei Smirnov in the press, on the radio and television, in “Exploits” TV Almanac made an enormous contribution to the search for the missing and unknown heroes of the war.

An EWCS depicts a portrait of Sergei Smirnov, “Brest Fortress”, “Tales of the Unknown Heroes”, “Pages of National Heroism” book covers with Kholmsky gate of the memorial complex “Brest Fortress” on the background.

Design: A. Povarihin
Circulation: 1 million envelopes.

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