August 28, a postage stamp dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Korea is to be released into circulation in the framework of a joint issue between the Russian Federation and the North Korea

The liberation of Korea from colonial domination of Japan was made possible by the offensive of the Soviet troops in August 1945. The Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation was started August 9, 1945. It has led to the complete defeat of the Japanese Kwantung Army and the rapid liberation of the North-East China and North Korea. August 15 it is celebrated annually a festival of the Independence Day of Korea or a festival “Revival of the Fatherland”, as it calls by the residents.

Arch de Triomphe in Pyongyang was built in 1982 near the Moran hill in the center of North Korean capital dedicated to the Korean resistance of 1925-1945 period against the Japanese invaders. This is the highest triumphal arch in the world, whose height is 60 meters, width - 50 m. Each block of the arch is made of white granite, and the number of the blocks is 25,500, which represent the number of days of life of Kim Il Sung, the national leader and founder of the North Korean state.

The stamp depicts the Arc de Triomphe in Pyongyang, symbolizing the victory in the fight against Japanese occupation.

In addition to the issue of a postage stamp an FDC and a postmark (cancellation: Moscow) have been prepared for the release by FSUE “Marka” Publishing and Trading Centre.

Design: A. Povarihin

Face value: 19 RUB

Size of stamp: 37 × 37 mm, size of sheet: 127 × 135 mm

Form of issue: sheet with illustrated margins with 9 (3 × 3) stamps

Circulation: 288 thousand stamps (32 thousand sheets).

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