August 28, a souvenir sheet with one stamp dedicated to the Republic of Tatarstan in the series “Coat of Arms of the Constituent Territories and Cities of the Russian Federation” is to be released into circulation


The State Emblem of the Republic of Tatarstan was adopted December 7, 1992.

The State Emblem of the Republic of Tatarstan depicts a winged snow leopard with a round shield on its side, with a raised right front paw with the solar disk on the background. This disk has a frame of Tatar national ornament. The coat of arms is in the colors of the flag of the Republic of Tatarstan, and it has a circular shape.

The coat of arms of Kazan city was adopted December 24, 2004. The description of the emblem: a black snake with wings and scarlet tongue, golden legs, claws and eyes under the gold crown of Kazan with red wings on a white background in a silver field on green ground.

The stamp depicts the coat of Kazan city, the emblem of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation and the map with region highlighted with green color are depicted on the margins of a souvenir sheet.

In addition to the issue of a postage stamp an FDC and a postmark (cancellation: Moscow; Kazan) are prepared for the release by FSUE “Marka” Publishing and Trading Centre.

Design: A. Moskovets

Face value: 50 RUB

Size of souvenir sheet 90 × 60 mm; size of stamp: 30 × 42 mm

Circulation: 70 thousand souvenir sheets.

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