August 4, four postage stamps depict porcelain tiles in the series “Russian Arts and Crafts” are to be released into circulation

Porcelain tiles are architectural ceramic (clay) items in a form of box plates or curvilinear parts. Each porcelain tile is an independent piece of arts and crafts.

In Russia, ceramic decorative tablets were used to decorate palaces, cathedrals and churches, as well as to revet ovens. The main subjects of porcelain tiles are hunting and battle scenes, heroes of folk tales, fables and Russian epics, real and fantastic animals and Slavic mythological characters.

Porcelain tiles were used for decoration in Princely House in Uglich, in some buildings of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, in the Great Ustyug, Yaroslavl, Kostroma. In Moscow, tiles decorated St. Basil's Cathedral, Trinity Church in Nikitniki, Krutitskiy tower-room. In the estate Abramtsevo near Moscow on sketches by Mikhail Vrubel and with his direct participation were built great furnaces - masterpieces of arts and crafts. The furnace in Talashkino, Smolensk region, was decorated with porcelains on sketches of Sergei Malyutin, the artist.

Stamps depict porcelain tiles of various regions of Russia.


In addition to the issue of postage stamps an illustrated cover with four blocks and four FDC with cancellation (Moscow; Yaroslavl; Abramtsevo, Moscow region; Gzhel brickyard, Moscow Region) have been prepared for the release by FSUE “Marka” Publishing and Trading Centre.

Design: H. Betredinova
Face value: 20 RUB
Size of stamp: 50х50х70 mm
Form of issue: sheet of 4 (2x2) stamps
Circulation: 200 thousand stamps (50 thousand sheets).

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