July 23, a postcard with an original stamp dedicated to the 100th birth anniversary of Ivan Dmitriyev, an actor, is issued

Ivan Petrovich Dmitriyev (1915–2003) was an actor of stage and screen. He was a People’s Artist of the USSR (1980).

He finished a 7-year school in Vyshniy Volochok. From 1930 till 1933 he worked in a town theater of Vyshniy Volochok as a supporting actor, a prompter and an assistant director. Upon graduating from the Ostrovsky Leningrad Theater Institute in 1936 he enrolled into the Leningrad Comedy Theater.

During the Great Patriotic War, Ivan Dmitriyev served in the Dramatic Theater of the Baltic Navy. He participated in the Winter War and went through the whole Great Patriotic War with his troupe, he defended Estonia, Kronstadt and Leningrad.

He worked in the Komissarzhevskaya Theater. Theater critics particularly noted Ivan Dmitriyev’s performance in the roles of Svidrigailov from Crime and Punishment, Ostap Bender from A Sorrowful Life of a Swindler, Alexei in Vanyushin’s Children, Paratov in Without a Dowry, Shuiskiy in Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich.

1950-1960s were the most fruitful in the actor's career. Musorgskiy, a historic film (1950), was succeeded by such comedies as Behind a Department Store Display Window (1955) and Striped Trip (1961), which turned Ivan Dmitriyev into an A-list film celebrity.
Since 1973 he was an actor at the Russian State Pushkin Academy Drama Theater (Alexandrinsky Theater).

The postcard with an original stamp depicts a portrait of Ivan Dmitriyev and a scene from Behind a Department Store Display Window (Mosfilm, 1955).

A special cancellation postmark for St Petersburg is also manufactured to the postcard issue date.

Design: R. Komsa.
Circulation: 13,000 copies.

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