June 25, a postal card with a commemorative stamp dedicated to the 100th birth anniversary of Pyotr Glebov, actor, is to be released into circulation

Pyotr Petrovich Glebov (1915 – 2000), was a Russian film actor from the aristocratic Glebov family, whose early generations are listed in the 17th-century Velvet Book.

Glebov's more recent ancestors include Count Vasily Orlov, Prince Nicholas Troubetzkoy, and Prince Peter Wittgenstein. His aunts were married to Prince Alexander Galitzine, Count Yury Olsufieff, and to one of Leo Tolstoy's sons. Sergey Mikhalkov was a first cousin, and Svyatoslav Belza was his son-in-law.

In 1940, Glebov graduated from the Stanislavsky School where his teachers included Mikhail Kedrov. When World War II broke out, the young actor volunteered to fight for the Red Army. He took part in the Battle of Moscow as an anti-aircraft gunner.

Despite a noble background, Glebov made a spectacular career in the Soviet cinema. He is best known for portraying the Cossack protagonist in the 1957 epic And Quiet Flows the Don, a trilogy directed by Sergei Gerasimov. In 1981, Glebov was named a People's Artist of the USSR and was awarded the Order of Lenin.

A postal card with original stamp depicts a portrait of Pyotr Glebov and the frame from the film "Emelyan Pugachev" ("Mosfilm", 1978).

Design: Olga Ivanova
Circulation: 13 thousand postal cards.

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