May 22, a postage stamp “Joseph Brodsky (1940-1996), Poet” in the series “Nobel Prize Laureates” is to be released into circulation

Joseph Brodsky - the largest Russian and American poet, essayist, playwright, translator, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1987.

He was born in Leningrad, May 24, 1940. His mother Maria was an accountant and father Alexander was a photojournalist, and he worked as a correspondent in the Navy during the war.

In 1955, Joseph finished the eight-year school and started to work at the factory. Brodsky started to write in 1957. In the early 60s he turned to the translation activity. His attention was drawn to the Slavic and English-language poets. By the end of the 60s his name is well known among the creative youth of Leningrad and in informal literary circles.

In February 1964, Brodsky was arrested. He was accused of parasitism. As a result, Joseph was exiled to the Norenskaya village, Konosha District of the Arkhangelsk region, for five years. In 1965, the expulsion period has been reduced by the decision of the Supreme Court. The poet returned to Leningrad. However, it does not mean the end of the conflict with the authorities. Brodsky's life at home became more and more unbearable every day. And 4 June 1972, he landed in New York.

Professor Brodsky taught the history of Russian and English literature in South Headly. He wrote his poems in Russian. Joseph began to write some articles and essays in English in 1973.

In 1987, Brodsky was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature (the fifth winner from Russia after Bunin, Pasternak, Sholokhov and Solzhenitsyn). In July 1989 the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation stopped Brodsky case.

The stamp depicts a portrait of Joseph Brodsky.

An FDC with cancellation (Moscow) has been prepared for the release.

Design: S. Ulyanovskiy
Face value: 17 RUB
Size of stamp: 32,5 × 32,5 mm, size of sheet: 127,5 × 127,5 mm.
Form of issue: sheet with illustrated margins with 9 (3 × 3) stamps
Circulation: 288 thousand stamps (32 thousand sheets)

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