May 5, four postage stamps in the series "The 70th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. The Medals" are to be released into circulation

At the final stage of the World War II, when German troops were expelled from the territory of the Soviet Union, the Red Army continued its offensive outside of the Soviet Union. Hard and bloody battles took place on all fronts. The country's leadership decided to develop and establish new rewards for the capture and liberation of European cities, where were the most fierce fighting. Medals were established by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR on June 9, 1945.

Awards were given to soldiers of the Red Army, the Navy and the NKVD troops, as well as the organizers and leaders of military operations, who were directly involved in the capture of cities in Europe, located on the territory of Germany or its allies.

Stamps depict the medals "For the Capture of Budapest", "For the Capture of Konigsberg", "For the Capture of Vienna", "For the Capture of Berlin".

In addition to the issue of postage stamps FSUE Publishing and Trading Centre "Marka" was prepared an illustrated cover with four stamps and an FDC with cancellation (Moscow) inside.

Design: A. Moskovets.
Face value: 30 RUB
Size of stamp: 32,5 × 65 mm; size of sheet: 150 × 150 mm.
Form of issue: sheet with illustrated margins with 7 (4 × 2) and a coupon.
Circulation: 252 thousand stamps (36 thousand sheets).

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