April 30, four postage stamps “Armored Trains” in the series “Weapons of the Victory” dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War are to be released into circulation

By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the Soviet Union had about 80 armored trains, 23 of which were part of the NKVD, and the other were operated by the Red Army.

"Kozma Minin" armored train was made in February 1942 and was a part of the 31-th separate battalion of armored trains, whose crew provided a fire support to advancing troops of the 61st Army during the Battle of Kursk.

"Moscow Metro" armored rolling stock was made on the money collected by the employees of Moscow Metro in the end of 1942. It was sent at the Kursk Bulge as part of the 60-th separate battalion of armored trains.

"Moskvich" armored train was made in March 1942 and was a part of the 32-th separate battalion of armored trains, participated in the battle for Leningrad.

"The Fighter of German invaders" was built in early 1942. May 1942, it was sent to the Stalingrad front as part of the 33rd separate division of armored trains.

During the Great Patriotic War armored divisions had been destroyed two enemy armored trains, 370 tanks, 115 aircrafts, more than 1,000 guns, mortars and machine guns, 712 cars and 160 motorcycles of the enemy.

An illustrated cover, PCWCS, EWCS have been prepared for the release in addition to the issue of postage stamps.

Design: A. Drobyshev
Face value: 12, 17, 19, 27 RUB
Size of stamp: 65 × 32,5 mm, size of stamp sheet: 226 × 195 mm, size of a sheetlet: 170 × 170 mm
Form of issue: a sheet with illustrated margins with 15 (3 × 5) stamps, sheetlet of 8 (2 × 4) stamps.
Circulation: 450 thousand stamps of each subject (30 thousand sheets), 65 thousand sheetlets

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