April 21, an envelope with a commemorative stamp “The 100th Birth Anniversary of Evgeniy Dolmatovskiy (1915-1994), Poet” is to be released into circulation

An EWCS “The 100th Birth Anniversary of Evgeniy Dolmatovskiy (1915-1994), Poet”

Evgeniy Dolmatovskiy was born in the family of lawyer, May 5, 1915, in Moscow. He was studied at the Pedagogical College, began to work as a reporter of the pioneer children's periodicals ("Friendly Children", "Pioneer", "Pionerskaya Pravda") since 1929.

In 1933-1937 he studied at the Institute of Literature named after A.M. Gorkiy. His first collection of poems "Lyrics" was published in 1934.

Evgeniy Dolmatovskiy was in the operating units of the Red Army as a war correspondent from 1939 to 1945. These facts are reflected in some poems of the autor.

The poet became famous due to writing the lyrics to the songs. A lot of songs with lyrics written by Dolmatovskiy were heard in popular movies ("Fighters", "Alexander Parkhomenko", "Meeting on the Elbe").

He published the novel "Volunteers" dedicated to the fate of the first builders of the Moscow Metro in 1956. This novel was put on screen in 1958 and become one of the most popular movies of the Soviet cinema.

On EWCS portrait EA Dolmatovski, facsimile signature, and an excerpt from the poem "Volunteering" and the book covers "Song of the Dnieper," "One Destiny", "The Volunteers".

A special postmark (cancellation: Moscow) was prepared by FSUE “Marka” Publishing and Trading Centre.

Design: R. Komsa
Circulation: 1,000,000 copies.

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