February 18, a postcard with original stamp “The 200th Birth Anniversary of Pyotr P. Ershov (1815-1869), writer, playwright” is to be released into circulation

Pyotr Yershov was born in the officiary’s family in the province of Tobolsk. In 1830 he finished Tobolsk high school and moved to St. Petersburg with his family. In 1831-1835 he studied at the Philosophical and Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, where he met P.A. Pletnev, a professor of Russian literature; V.A. Zhukovskiy; A.S. Pushkin.

He began to write his poems when he was a student. Impressed by the works of Pushkin, Yershov started his work under the fairy tale in verse “The Humpbacked Horse”. An excerpt of this folk story was published in the “Biblioteka dlya Chteniya” (“Library for reading”) almanac. The tale was issued as a separate book in the same year. Subsequently, “The Humpbacked Horse” was republished seven times. The publication from 1856 has been rewritten by the author and became the final version.

“The Humpbacked Horse” is a popular fairy tale, taken from the narrators. The writer made an appearance more slender and added some supplements. The peculiar style, folk humor, successful feature films have brought a fame to this tale.

A special postmark is to be released for the city of Ishim, Tyumen region.

Design: Olga Ivanova.

Illustration: M. Proskuryakova.

Circulation: 12 thousand postcards.

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