January 27, an envelope with original stamp “125th Birth Anniversary of Boris L. Pasternak (1890-1960), writer, poet, Nobelist” is to be released into circulation

Boris Leonidovich Pasternak (1890-1960) - poet, writer and translator. He was born in a creative family in Moscow. He graduated from the historical-philological faculty of Moscow University. The first Pasternak’s publication was in 1913 in the “Lirika” almanac. In the 1910s the poet met N. Aseev and S. Bobrov, joined with them the futuristic group “Centrifuga”.

Starting from the 1920s, and especially in 1930-40-ies Pasternak translated a lot of classical texts: H. von Kleist, Rilke, Goethe.

In 1945, Boris Leonidovich began to work on the novel “Doctor Zhivago”, which became the main novel in writer’s life. “Doctor Zhivago” was finished in 1955.

In 1957, the novel was published abroad. October 23, 1958, Boris Pasternak was awarded the Nobel Prize “For significant achievements in modern lyric poetry, and for the continuation of the traditions of the great Russian epic novel”.

The envelope with the original stamp depicts a portrait of Boris L. Pasternak against the background of books; male and female silhouettes against a departing train; desk with manuscripts, inkwell with pen.

Design: A. Kurnyaev.
Face value: letter "A".
Circulation: 1,000,000 copies.

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