January 22, a souvenir sheet “150th Birth Anniversary of V.A. Serov (1865–1911), Artist” and a postcard with a commemorative stamp “100th Birth Anniversary of B.F. Andreyev (1915–1982), Theatre and Cinema Actor”

Valentin Alexandrovich Serov (1865–1911) was a Russian painter and prominent portrait and graphic artist.


The painter’s works are characterized by diversity: he produced landscape paintings, created historical and mythological compositions, theatre billboards, sketches for theatre plays and book illustrations.

All his works are marked by the search for a new artistic language. Valentin Serov’s strong sense of time and intolerance of any falsehood make his paintings a source of knowledge about living in Russia at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The postage stamp depicts Valentin Serov’s painting October. Domotkanovo (1895, State Tretyakov Gallery) with his portrait in the margins.

An illustrated cover has been prepared for the release with cancelled FDCs (Moscow, Saint Petersburg) inside

Designer: O. Ivanova.

Face value: 50 RUB.

Size of souvenir sheet: 107×76 mm, size of stamp in the sheet: 42×30 mm.


Circulation: 70 thousand.


Boris Fyodorovich Andreyev (1915–1982) was an actor and Peoples’ Artist of the USSR (1962).


He was born in Saratov into a family of workers. His childhood and youth years were spent in Atkarsk, Saratov Governorate. He successfully graduated from the I.A. Slonov Theatre School in 1936.

Boris Andreyev played on the Saratov Drama Theatre’s stage for a while and then at the Cinema Actor Studio Theatre in Moscow.

His first film role was Nazar Duma in Tractor Drivers (1939) directed by Ivan Pyryev, which secured him the image of a strong and seemingly rough man in cinema. The role of the miner Khariton Balun in A Great Life (1939, continued in 1946) brought him wide popularity.

The postcard with a commemorative stamp depicts the actor’s portrait and a fragment of A Great Life (Kiev Motion Picture Studio, 1939).

Design: R. Komsa.

Face value: letter “B”.

Circulation: 12 thousand.



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