January, 13 an envelope with a commemorative stamp is to be released into circulation dedicated to the 125th birth anniversary of Karel Čapek (1890–1938), writer and dramatist, in the “World Cultural Celebrities” series

Karel Čapek was a most famous Czech writer of the 20th century, a novelist, dramatist and science fiction writer.

He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Prague University in 1915. His books first came in 1907 года. Most of the early stories were included in Shining Deeps written together with his brother Josef Čapek, as well as The Garden of Krakonos.

Karel Čapek is world-known for his social and science fiction writings: the plays R.U.R. and The Makropulos Affair and the novels The Absolute at Large and Krakatit.

Karel Čapek’s novel War with the Newts is considered the apex of his writing career. The novel combines the traits of mystifying science fiction, zoological paroemia and social utopia.

The envelope with a commemorative stamp depicts symbols of different areas of art: the lyre, palette, book, pen, column and theater curtain; Karel Čapek’s portrait and a set of illustrations for his writings (War with the Newts, The Man Who Could Fly, R.U.R.).


Design: F. Soukhinin.


Artwork: A. Yakovlev
Face value: letter “A”.
Circulation: 1 million

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