December 3, three stamps in the series "Outstanding Lawyers of Russia" dedicated to P. Yaguzhinskiy (1683-1736), F. Martens (1845-1909), S. Muromtsev (1850-1910) are to be released into circulation

Yaguzhinskiy Pavel (1683-1736), was appointed to the Procurator-General (this position was approved by Peter the Great), stood at sources of the development of this governmental structure. Since its foundation, the prosecutor's office was opposing actively to corruption and lawlessness.

Friedrich Martens (1845-1909) - a brilliant Russian international lawyer, known as a world-class scholar, an author of the fundamental work “The modern international law of civilized nations”. The Conventions on international humanitarian law were developed under his direction.

Sergey Muromtsev (1850-1910) - an outstanding scientist, was elected the first chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Empire. Known as a principled and responsible statesman, consistently defended the principle of the legality and the rights of citizens to participate in the government.

Stamps depict the portraits of outstanding lawyers.

An FDC with cancellation (Moscow, St. Petersburg) has been prepared for the release. 

Design: R. Komsa and A. Drobyshev.
Face value: 15 RUB
Size of stamp: 37 × 37 mm, size of sheet: 131 × 131 mm.
Form of issue: sheet with illustrated margins with 8 (3 × 3) stamps and a coupon.
Circulation: 288 thousand stamps for each scene (36 thousand sheets).

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