Preview of stamps to be issued in December 2014

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Marka” Publishing and Trading Centre supervised by the Federal Communications Agency has prepared the following products to be issued:

December 2, a souvenir sheet in the series “Coats of arms of cities and entities of the Russian Federation. Tver region” is to be released into circulation

Nowadays, the Russian Federation consists of 85 subjects. Each subject has rights to its own official symbols: coat of arms, flag and anthem.

Coat of arms of the Tver region submitted to the State Heraldic Register of the Russian Federation.

The coat of arms depicts a golden throne with the royal crown on a green cushion on the red background. The royal crown on the throne is an ancient symbol of Christ the Pantocrator, seated on the throne.

The cap of Monomakh is the oldest Crown Jewels of Russian emperors.

The stamp depicts the emblem of Tver city. Coat of arms of the Tver region and a map of the Russian Federation are on the margins of a souvenir sheet.

An FDC with cancellation (Moscow, Tver) has been prepared for the release.

Design: A. Moskovets.
Face value: 50 RUB
Size of souvenir sheet: 90 × 60 mm, size of stamp in the souvenir sheet: 30 × 42 mm.
Circulation: 75 thousand souvenir sheets.

December 3, three stamps in the series "Outstanding Lawyers of Russia" dedicated to P. Yaguzhinskiy (1683-1736), F. Martens (1845-1909), S. Muromtsev (1850-1910) are to be released into circulation

Yaguzhinskiy Pavel (1683-1736), was appointed to the Procurator-General (this position was approved by Peter the Great), stood at sources of the development of this governmental structure. Since its foundation, the prosecutor's office was opposing actively to corruption and lawlessness.

Friedrich Martens (1845-1909) - a brilliant Russian international lawyer, known as a world-class scholar, an author of the fundamental work “The modern international law of civilized nations”. The Conventions on international humanitarian law were developed under his direction.

Sergey Muromtsev (1850-1910) - an outstanding scientist, was elected the first chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Empire. Known as a principled and responsible statesman, consistently defended the principle of the legality and the rights of citizens to participate in the government.

Stamps depict the portraits of outstanding lawyers.

An FDC with cancellation (Moscow, St. Petersburg) has been prepared for the release. 

Design: R. Komsa and A. Drobyshev.
Face value: 15 RUB
Size of stamp: 37 × 37 mm, size of sheet: 131 × 131 mm.
Form of issue: sheet with illustrated margins with 8 (3 × 3) stamps and a coupon.
Circulation: 288 thousand stamps for each scene (36 thousand sheets).

December 12 in the post-treatment out booklets "History of the First World War"

The First World War (28/07/1914 - 11/11/1918) is one of the most extensive armed conflicts in the human history. The immediate cause of the war was the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Serbian terrorist Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo, 28 June 1914.

The opponents of the war were the States of the Entente (Russian Empire, France, UK) and the countries of the Quadruple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria).

Stamp booklet consists of 10 pages and a cover: 4 pages with stamps (each page with 1 stamp) and 6 pages with accompanying text. 

Design: A. Moskovets (stamps), A. Ilyina (illustrations).
Form of issue: 180 × 100 mm.
Circulation: 12 thousand booklets.

December 12, six stamps in the series "Modern Art of Russia" are to be released o\into circulation

Postage stamps issued in 2014 depict works of the artists of Grekov studios:

Monument to Alexander Nevsky in St. Petersburg (Sculptor A. Ignatov. Grekov studio, 2013)

The painting "Spring in Kolomenskoye" (I. Krivshinko, 2002).

The painting "Lilacs" (P. Mineeva, 2010).

The painting "The Victory of Peresvet" (P. Rizhenko, 2005).

The painting "Near Radonezh. Vorya River"(A. Sytova, 2005).

The painting "The Walls of the Pskov Kremlin" (S. Troshina, 2011).

Studio of military artists named after M. Grekov was founded in 1934. It is a unique creative team, with martial artists -representatives of a rare profession.

An illustrated cover has been prepared for the release with six stamps and an FDC with cancellation (Moscow) inside. 

Design: O. Ivanova.
Face value: 15 RUB
Size of stamps: 50 × 37 mm, 32,5 × 65 mm, 50 × 50 mm.
Form of issue: sheet with illustrated margins with 6 (2 × 3) stamps.
Circulation: 228 thousand stamps for each scene (38 thousand sheets).

December 12, a postage stamp “Happy New Year!” is to be released into circulation

New Year is the most enchanting holiday since time immemorial. There is a number of customs associated with the holiday. It has long been a tradition to dress up the Christmas tree, to decorate the house, to give presents and to organize outdoor festivities.

A typical New Year entertainment in Russia is riding in a sleigh with jingle bells pulled by three horses named Troika. It is mentioned in Russian poems and songs for many times and does not have analogues in any other country of the world.

Russian Troika appeared in the second half of the XVII century. The first half of the XIX century was the period of the peak of its popularity. According to foreigners Troika is a symbol of Russia.

The stamp depicts three horses in the colors of the flag of Russian Federation.

An illustrated cover has been prepared for the release with a stamp sheet and an FDC with cancellation (Moscow) inside.

Illustration: E. Kurochkin.
Design: R. Komsa.
Face value: 15 RUB
Size of stamp 50 × 37 mm, size of sheet: 180 × 178 mm.
Form of issue: sheet with illustrated margins of 12 (3 × 4) stamps.
Circulation: 792 thousand stamps (66 thousand sheets).

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