A postage stamp “The 100th Birth Anniversary of G. Babakin (1914-1971), Designer of Space Systems” is to be released into circulation

Georgy Babakin - Soviet scientist, designer, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, The Laureate of Lenin Prize, Chief Designer at the Lavochkin Design Bureau (1965-1971).

Automatic stations "Luna-9" (the first soft landing on the Moon, 1966), "Luna-10" (the first satellite of the Moon, 1966), "Luna-16" (delivery samples of lunar rocks to Earth in the automatic mode, which was controlled from Earth, 1970), "Luna-17" (the first propelled research vehicle "Lunokhod-1", 1970), "Venera 7" (the first landing on the surface of Venus in the world, 1970) and "Mars-3 "( the first landing on the surface of Mars in the world, 1971) were created under his leadership.

Space exploration conducted by the probes designed by Babakin has significantly enriched fundamental science with new data about the Moon, Venus, Mars and interplanetary space. Some craters on the opposite side of the Moon and Mars surface are named after Babakin.

The stamp depicts a portrait of G. Babakin and the spacecraft "Luna-17" on the background.

An illustrated cover has been prepared for the release with vintage Prepared to release the cover art inside - stamp sheet and FDC with cancellation (Moscow).

Design: A. Povarihin.
Face value: 15 RUB
Size of stamp: 42 × 30 mm, size of sheet: 146 × 170 mm.
Form of issue: stamp sheet of 15 (3x5) stamps.
Circulation: 435 thousand (29 thousand sheets).

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