October 21, a stamp "Coat of Arms of Sochi" is to be released into circulation

Coat of arms of Sochi was approved January 21, 2003.
It is divided into four parts.
The first part depicts the mountains of the Caucasus mountain range, mountain peaks Chugush, Achishkho, Aibka with eternal snows and glaciers - a symbol of Sochi with unique ski resort named Krasnaya Polyana located in the Adler district.
The second part depicts the golden palm, symbolizing the most northern subtropics in the world - basic and unique wealth of Sochi.
The third part depicts the sun with alternating straight and flaming golden rays. This is the infrastructure of the Central district, serving the whole Sochi resort.
The fourth part depicts azure waves of the Black Sea, washing the city and its largest beach named Lazarevsky district. This district stretches along the coast for more than 70 kilometers.
The central link is a rectangle with the image of a "bowl with fire water" ("Matsesta" translated from Ubykh - "fire water"), which gave birth to Sochi as a resort.

The postage stamp depicts the coat of arms of Sochi.

A First Day Cover with cancellation (Moscow, Sochi) has been prepared for the release.

Design: A. Povarikhin.
Face value: 15 RUB
Size of stamp: 18,5 × 26 mm, size of sheet: 107 × 166 mm.
Form of issue: sheet with 30 (5 × 6) stamps.
Circulation: 1 million 740 thousand stamps (58 thousand sheets).

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