On July 7 an envelope with an original stamp ”100th Birth Anniversary of S.S. Tulikov (1914–2004), Composer» is to be released into circulation

Serafim Sergeyevich Tulikov was a Russian and Soviet composer, Meritorious Artist of the RSFSR (1964), People’s Artist of the USSR (1984).

In 1947 Serafim Tulikov composed the song “We Are For Peace!” (lyrics by A. Zharov), which brought him national fame.

Since the end of the 1950s the theme of the Motherland, which had been running like a golden thread through S. Tulikov’s music activities, became central. His songs about Russia (“Motherland”, “Love Russia”, “Native Land”, “Son of Russia” etc) have been remembered for many years and are closely associated with the composer’s name.

S.S. Tulikov composed over 470 songs. Through his life he collaborated with many famous Soviet poets, e.g. L. Oshanin, O. Fadeeva, M. Plyatskovsky and many others.

The envelope with an original stamp depicts a portrait of S.S. Tulikov against a piano keyboard and the song score “Veterans’ Souls Do Not Age”; the main image has a facsimile of S.S. Tulikov’s signature and song scores “Motherland”, “We Are For Peace”, “Love Russia”, “This Will Never Be Repeated” with a Russian landscape in the background.

Design: O. Pryadkina.
Face value: letter “A”.
Circulation: 1 million.

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