On July 7, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945, four postage stamps in the “Medals” series are to be issued into circulation

There are a total of 10 orders and 21 medals established in the country in the course of the Great Patriotic War. Over 7 million people were decorated for their deeds of arms.

During the War, the prewar Medal for Valour and Medal for Battle Merit were complemented with those granted to the Red Army soldiers and officers for the defense of the cities, for taking enemy cities and liberation of the countries invaded by the Nazi.

The postage stamps depict the Medal for the Defense of Leningrad, the Medal for the Defense of Sevastopol, the Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad and the Medal for the Defense of Moscow.

FDCs with cancellation (Moscow) have been prepared for the release.

Design: А. Moskovets.
Face value: 25 RUB.
Size of stamps: 32.5×65 mm, size of sheets: 150×150 mm.
Form of issue: sheets of 7 (4×2) stamps with illustrated margins and a coupon.
Circulation: 280 thousand stamps of each value (40 thousand sheets).

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