On May 21, two postage stamps “Joint Issue of the Russian Federation and the Swiss Confederation. Architecture. Tower Clocks” are to be released into circulation. The launch commemorates the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries

The history of diplomatic relations between Russia and Switzerland dates back 200 years. The first Russian ambassador in Switzerland was I. A. Kapodistrias, Russia’s diplomat who took charge of the Russian Embassy in 1814 году. He actively facilitated the initiation of a new Constitution of the Swiss Confederation and signed the finalizing documents of the Congress of Vienna in 1815 declaring the Russian Empire as one of the guarantee powers for the Swiss neutrality.

The Kazansky Railway Station in Moscow is justly considered an outstanding national architectural masterpiece. A peculiar charm of the railway station is given by the tower clock that was designed by the architect A.A. Shchusev personally. It was him who drew Zodiac signs for the big blue clockface.

The Zytglogge is a medieval tower with an astronomical clock in the historical centre of Bern built between 1218 and 1220 as a defense tower in the west end of the city central street. Its striking clock was a precise time-keeper for the citizens.

The postage stamps depict a tower clock of the Kazansky Railway Station in Moscow designed by the architect A.V. Shchusev and the Zytglogge tower clock in Bern, with Kaspar Brunner’s clockwork.

An illustrated cover has been prepared for the release with two RF postage stamps and two Swiss postage stamps inside and FDCs with cancellation (Moscow and Saint Petersburg).

Design: S. Ulyanovsky.
Face values: 15 RUB, 20 RUB.
Size of stamps: 37×37 mm, size of sheet: 138×138 mm.
Form of issue: a sheet with illustrated margins of 8 (3 x 3) stamps and a coupon.
Circulation: 200 thousand stamps of each value (50 thousand sheets).

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