April 18th, to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the World War II of 1941-1945 four stamps in the series "History of Aviation. Air Rams" are prepared for release into circulation

Ekaterina Zelenko (1916-1941) - the world's first female pilot, committed the air ram. Senior Lieutenant, Hero of the Soviet Union, she was also awarded the Order of the Red Banner. She served in the 19th Light Bomber Brigade stationed in Kharkov. Being the deputy commander of the squadron, from the first day of the war she had been participated in the fighting. She had made 40 sorties at all.

Boris Kovzan (1922-1985) - the only Soviet pilot, who had made ​​four air rams. Captain Kovzan was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union for courage and bravery shown in combat with the enemy by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from the 24th of August 1943. During the war, he made 360 sorties, conducted 127 aerial combat, shot down 28 German planes.

Alexey Khlobystov (1918-1943) - Hero of the Soviet Union, was awarded the Order of Lenin and two Orders of the Red Banner. April 8, 1942 in a group combat he had shot down three enemy planes: one by machine-gun fire, two by applying ram. After that he was able to land the plane on the native airfield. He flew 335 combat sorties, shot down 7 enemy aircraft in person and 24 in group combat.

Peter Eremeyev (1911-1941) - Deputy Commander of Squadron Regiment Moscow Defense Zone, lieutenant, was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. Hero of Russia since 1995. Peter Eremeyev controlling the fighter aircraft MiG-3 made ​​a night ram for the first time in the history of World War II on the night of July 29, 1941.

The postage stamps depict:

- The portrait of Peter Eremeev. The soviet aircraft MiG-3 makes ramming enemy bombers in the background;

- The portrait of Ekaterina Zelenko. The Soviet air combat aircraft Su-2 against German fighters is in the background;

- The portrait of Boris Kovzan. Air combat fighter La-5 against German bombers is in the background;

- The portrait of Alexey Hlobystov. The fighter aircraft R-40 makes ramming enemy bombers in the background.

An illustrated cover has been prepared for the release with four stamps, a miniature sheet, and an FDC with concellation (Moscow).

Design: V. Beltiukov.
Face value: 15 RUB
Size of stamps: 65 × 32,5 mm, size of souvenir sheet: 156 x 159 mm, size of miniature sheet: 156 x 159 mm.
Form of issue: sheets with illustrated margins (2 x 4) with 7 stamps and coupon, miniature sheet with 8 (2 x 4) stamps.
Circulation: 280 thousand stamps for each theme (40 thousand sheets of each stamp; 60 thousand of miniature sheets).

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