January 14, an envelope with an original stamp “The 150th Birth Anniversary of A.S. Golubkina (1864-1927), a sculptor” to be issued

Golubkina Anna Semenovna (1864-1927) was an artist and a representative of the Soviet modern sculpture. She was the founding member of “Mir Iskusstva” (“World of Art”) Association, a participant of the Moscow Society of Arts Lovers, the Moscow Society of Artists.

A.S. Golubkina became one of the first sculptors who created an image of people of labour in her pieces of work. Her works are kept in the largest museums and collections (the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum and others). Russia’s first sculptural portrait of Karl Marx (1905) belongs to her as well.

The envelope with an original stamp depicts the portrait of A.S. Golubkina and alto-relievo on the façade of the Moscow Art Academic Theatre named after A.P. Chekhov (1901).

Design: M. Bodrova
Face value: letter “A”.
Circulation: 1million.

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