December 12, a postage stamp and an envelope with a commemorative stamp “State Duma of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly”

December 12, 1993 on the national vote day, for the period of two years the first State Duma was elected together with the Federation Council. Later on the State Duma elections were held in 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011. Term of office for the State Duma of 2-5 callings was four years. In 2007-2011 the State Duma members were proportionally elected (from party lists). The electoral threshold was 7 %.
The State Duma legal status is defined in Chapter Five in the Constitution of the Russian Federation; its proceedings are headed by the Chairman and his or her deputies. The State Duma comprises 450 members. To be elected a State Duma member one should be a citizen of the Russian Federation, aged 21 and entitled to participate in the election (it is to be noted that one and the same person cannot be a State Duma member and a Federal Council member simultaneously).

A FDC with cancellation is to be issued as well.

Postage stamps:
The stamp depicts Russia’s coat of arms against the country map with the RF constituent territories’ borders in the background.

Design: А. Moskovets.
Face value: 20 rub.
Size of stamp: 37х37 mm, size of sheet: 131х131 mm.
Form of issue: a sheet of 9(3х3) stamps.
Circulation: 324 thousand stamps (36 thousand sheets).

Envelope with a commemorative stamp:
The envelope with a commemorative stamp depicts: the stamp has the Russian Federation map outlines in the national colours and the RF coat of arms; the main image is a picture of the building of the State Duma of the RF Federal Assembly.

Design: А. Moskovets.
Face value: letter “А”.
Circulation: 1million.

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