November 15, an envelope with a commemorative stamp “The 100th Birth Anniversary of Victor Dragunsky (1913–1972), a novel writer”

Victor Dragunsky (1913–1972) was a novel and script writer. His best book is “Deniska’s Stories”. The 1960s saw his long-run books of the above series: “The Girl on a Sphere”, “The Enchanted Letter”, “The Childhood Friend”, “The Dognapper“, “Twenty Years Under the Bed”, “The Magic Power of Art” etc. In the 1970s he published “The Red Balloon in the Blue Sky”, “Multicolour Stories”, “The Adventure” etc.
There is a number of movies based on his books: “Funny Stories”, “The Girl on a Sphere”, “Deniska’s Stories”, “Magic Power”, “Nobody’s Secret”, “Amazing Adventures of Denis Korablyov”. Short motion pictures: “Who Ever Heard of Such a Thing?”, “The Captain”, “A Fire in the Annex Building”, “The Spyglass”, a short-length film “The Ivan Kozlovsky Glory” for the Yeralash children’s comedy TV show.
“Deniska’s Stories” collection brought the author enormous popularity. This is the book his name has been associated with. 

The envelope has V. Dragunsky’s portrait and illustrations for his books “The Enchanted Letter”, “Deniska’s Stories” and “The Girl on a Sphere”.

Design: R. Komsa.
Face value: letter «
Circulation: 1 million.

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