November 15, the “XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Paralympic Games 2014 in Sochi. Sports Legends” souvenir sheet to be issued

The issue is dedicated to the world-famous Soviet Olympic champions. Their names form an integral part of the world history, the input they made into the national sport development and strengthening of the international relations was truly enormous. With each victory and record they enhanced our country prestige.

Yevgeniy R. Grishin (1931–2005) was a Soviet speedskater, Merited Master of Sport of the USSR, multiple champion and record-breaker of the USSR, all-around champion of Europe and the world, 1956 and 1960 Winter Olympic champion in the 500 meter and 1500 meter events. His best results were 39.6  of the 500 m and 2:08.2 of the 1500 m.

Lyudmila A. Pakhomova (1946–1986) was a Soviet ice dancer, Merited Master of Sport of the USSR, ballet mistress, multiple champion of the USSR, Europe and the world in figure skating. In 1970 together with Alexander G. Gorshkov they became the first Soviet figure skaters to win European and world championships. It was to a large extent thanks to their successful performance in European championships that ice dancing debuted as an official Olympic sport in 1976.

Vladimir M. Melanin (1933–1994) was a Soviet biathlete and a Merited Master of Sport of the USSR. He was the first Soviet biathlete to win an Olympic gold medal for the USSR in the 20 km individual in the 1964 Olympics in Innsbruck. Vladimir Melanin was known as the first officially recognized “King of Biathlon”.

Alexander P. Ragulin (1941–2004) was an ice hockey defenseman, Merited Master of Sport of the USSR, three-time Olympic champion and a ten-time world champion. He played for the USSR ice hockey teams “Khimik” and “CSKA” (Central Sports Club of the Army, Moscow). He had 427 games and scored 63 goals in the USSR championships. As a member of the national team he played 102 games and scored 14 goals in the world and European championships, and the Olympics. He was the best defenseman in the 1966 World Championship and a key player in the legendary 1972 Canada – USSR Series.

Anatoly V. Firsov (1941–2000) was a Soviet ice hockey defenseman, Merited Master of Sport of the USSR, three-time Olympic and eight-time world champion. He was a player in 474 games and scored 344 goals in the national championships; he scored 66 goals in 67 games in the world and European championships and the Olympics. On four occasions Anatoly Firsov was awarded the scoring title in the world and European championships.

The postage stamps depict Ye. Grishin, L. Pakhomova, V. Melanin, A. Ragulin and A. Firsov. 
There are pictures of the athletes at sports events on the illustrated margins.

FDCs with cancellation are to be issued.

Design: O. Ivanova.
Face value: 15 rub.
Size of stamp: 32,5
х32,5 mm, size of sheet: 180х87 mm.
Form of issue: a souvenir sheet of 5 stamps.
Circulation: 130 thousand sheets.

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