November 1, a postcard with a commemorative stamp “225th Birth Anniversary of Mikhail S. Shchepkin (1788–1863), Actor and a Founding Father of the Russian Acting School” to be issued

Mikhail Semyonovich Shchepkin (1788–1863) is a famous Russian actor and a founder of realism in the Russian theatre art, a great reformer of Russia’s theatre stage.
M. Shchepkin’s ideas were inspired by his ideological and friendly ties with Russia’s leading public persons of the 19th century: Alexander Griboyedov, Nikolay Gogol, Alexander Pushkin, Ivan Turgenev, Alexander Suhovo-Kobylin and others. Shchepkin actively promoted play writing and strived for lifting censorship. 
M. Shchepkin formulated a frame of reference for acting philosophy in his numerous statements, letters, memorials and conversations with students. Stage realism traditions that he established had a significant importance for the development of the Maly Theatre which became known as the “House of Shchepkin”. There is a theatre school at the Maly theatre named after M. Shchepkin.

The postcard with an commemorative stamp has M. Shchepkin’s portrait with Shchepkin Higher Theatre School in the background; a scene from “Woe from Wit”, Maly Theatre, 1850s.

Design: M. Bodrova, O. Liseeva.
Face value: letter “В”.
Circulation: 12 thousand copies.

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