On September 20, in the framework of a series “Figures of the world culture” a postal envelope with commemorative stamp “The 300th birth anniversary of Denis Diderot (1713-1784), writer, philosopher” is issued

Denis Diderot (1713-1784) is a French writer, philosopher-educator and dramatist. He is a foreign honored member of the Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg (1773).

In 1751-1784 he issued “Encyclopedia or Definition vocabulary of sciences, arts and crafts”, during several years he was its unique Editor-in-Chief. In 1773-1774 he made a trip to Russia on the invitation of Catherine II. He tried to influence on the Russian Empress’s policy, he wanted to release peasants and to conduct liberal reforms. He wrote his thoughts on public education in the “Plan of university or school of public teaching of sciences for the Russian Government” composed in 1775 at the order of Catherine II.

Denis Diderot’s prose became an outstanding event of realism of XVIII – “The Nun” (1760) is a bright anticlerical creation, French people with their love of life, humor and practical wisdom are embodied in novel “Jacques the Fatalist” (1773).

The envelope with a commemorative stamp depicts a composition of symbols of different art directions: Liras, palettes, books, pens, columns of theater curtain; a portrait of Denis Diderot on the background of the cabinet with books.              

Artist-designer: A. Povarihin.

Face value: letter “A”.


Circulation: 1 million copies.

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