Postage stamp “Passenger Ferries” is issued by FSUE PTC “Marka” acting under the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Agency within the framework of the Russian Federation – the Åland Islands (Finland) Joint Issue.

Issue date: August 5, 2013.

The most popular way to get from Russia to the Åland Islands is by sea. Several passenger ferries run between Mariehamn (the capital of the Åland Islands) and Saint Petersburg. On such vessels, great attention is paid to increased comfort. The ferry trip is not just a ride from one place to another, it is an exciting journey and beautiful sea views through the liner windows.

The postage stamp depicts a passenger ferry, which plies between Saint Petersburg and the Åland Islands.

An illustrated cover containing the stamp and a First Day Cover with cancellation of the Russian Federation, as well as a stamp and a First Day Cover with cancellation of the Åland Islands is prepared for the issue.

Design: S. Ulianovskiy.

Face value: 14.25 rub.

Size of stamp: 50х37 mm

Form of issue: sheet of 12 (3х4) stamps.


Circulation: 456,000 stamps (38,000 sheets).

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