July 28, in a joint issue of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine a souvenir sheet with one stamp “1025th Anniversary of the Baptism of Rus” is issued


The Christianization is one of the most important cultural events in Russian history, which brought an end to the pagan era and marked the beginning of Christian part of history of Russia. The adoption of Christianity strengthened the power of the government and territorial unity of the Old Russian State. It was of a great international importance, which lay in the fact that Russia, having rejected primitive paganism, became equal to the other Christian nations. The adoption of Christianity played an important part in the formation of the state and Russian culture. It contributed to the development of architecture and art and promoted Byzantine culture as a successor to the ancient tradition. The spread of the Cyrillic alphabet and book tradition was especially important – only after the Christianization of Rus did the first monuments of ancient literary culture arise.

The fresco by Vladimir Vasnetsov “The Christianization of Rus” (1885-1896) from the State Tretyakov Gallery is depicted on the souvenir sheet.

Design: A. Moscovets.

Face value: 30 rub.

Size of sheet: 70x85 mm; size of stamp: 37x50 mm.

Circulation: 85 thousand copies.

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