July 5, a series of postage stamps “Arts and Crafts of Russia. Shawls” is issued.

Postage stamps depict Pavlovo Posad shawls and Orenburg, Karabanovsk and Tryokhgornaya manufactories headscarfs.

Pavlovo-Posad products represent lush bouquets of garden and wild flowers in the corners of a shawl and garlands on its hem, as well as oriental ornaments imitating the Indian and Persian shawls. Moscow Oblast’ is also famous for its patterned silk fabrics and scarves.

Orenburg shawl is a knitted shawl made of goat's fiber and base (cotton, silk or other).


There are several kinds of Orenburg shawls. The first is the grey (seldom white) thick down hair shawls. These shawls started the tradition of Orenburg down-hair knitting. The second is the quite dense kerchiefs and pautinkas. They are used for every day wear and they give similar warmth to shawls. The third kind of Orenburg shawls are very thin (compared with “spider web” pautinkas and tippets). As a rule thin pautinkas have fancy patterns and are used as decoration on special occasions.


Scarves and shawls of Baranovs’ Troitsko-Alexandrovsky manufactory can be traced back to 1846. The main space in the products is occupied by multicolored floral patterns. Red, being present in every element of the pattern, unites centerpiece, hem and background. Geometric and oriental (‘cucumber’) motifs are present on the scarves along with the floral patterns.


Scarves and shawls always have played an important role in the diverse range of Tryokhgornaya manufactory.

 Most products of Trekhgorny factory had a ‘classical’ arrangement of the ornament: a broad hem with lush flower garland, and a large middle part with rhythmically balanced bouquets or branches, creating a feeling of some static pattern.


The stamps have an illustrated cover and FDCs with cancellation inside.


Design: H. Betredinova.

Face value: 15 rub.

Size of stamp: 50x50x70 mm.

Form of issue: sheet of 4 stamps.

Circulation: 200 thousand copies. (50 thousand sheets) on each subject.

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