On June 24, postal card with commemorative stamp “The 150th birth anniversary of V.L. Durov (1863–1934), animal trainer, founder of the circus dynasty, people’s artist of RSFSR” is issued


Vladimir Leonidovich Durov (1863–1934) was clown and animal trainer, Honoured artist of RSFSR. In 1912 he organized laboratory where he led experimental and research activity in the field of innate instincts and reflexes of animals. Animal training Durov constructed on the principle of feeding which means that acquisition of conditional reflexes is attained via incentives: an animal got nutrition for the accomplished feat. V.L. Durov invented several unique tricks: “Mice railway” and famous “Grand railway” (afterwards known as “Durov grand railway”). This trick involved more than 100 animals with different roles.

The postal card with commemorative stamp depicts V.L.Durov portrait against the backdrop of theatre bill and famous trick “Durov grand railway”.

Design: R. Komsa

Face value: letter “B”

Circulation: 12 000 pieces



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