On 17 June, three stamps in a series “Modern Russian art” are issued.


D.А. Belyukin is People’s artist of Russia, associate member of Russian art academy, member of the Artist’s Union of Russia and Moscow Union of Artists. He paints in the tradition of the classical Russian School of Arts and regularly exhibits. Mr. Belyukin is awarded by St. All-praised Apostle Andrew The Firstcalled Fund “For faith and fidelity” (2009) and the holder of the national prize «Person of the 2009 year».


А.А. Lyubavin is Honoured artist of Russia, President of the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow, member of the Artist’s Union of USSR (since 1983), prize winner of Lenin Komsomol in Moscow region (1984). He also lectures at Kosygin MSTU and participates at regional, zonal, republican, all-Russian exhibitions. Lyubavin works are presented in the main museums of Russia.  He also awarded by Central Committee AULYCL and Union of Artists of USSR, golden medal of Russian Academy of Arts (2003).


V.P. Polotnov is People’s artist of Russia, Honoured artist of Russia. Secretary of the Artist’s Union of Russia. Corporate executive of Moscow  Artist’s Association. Member of creative union “Romantics of realism”. Awarded the certificate of the Russian Art Academy, special prize of  Savrasov Artist’s Union, Silver Medal of the Russian Art Academy. Polotnov’s works are kept in collections of the Exhibition Directory of the Artist’s Union of Russia, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, of museums in Belgorod, Kirov, Vologda, Mogilev, Vyshny Volochyok, art gallery “Art Prima” and also in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Postage stamps depict the paintings by D.A. Belyukin “Indian summer. Early mornung” (2003), be А.А. Lyubavin «A girl and a city» (2005), V.P. Polotnov «On the Trubezh river» (2008).

Designer: О. Ivanova

Face value: 15 rubles

Size of stamps: 37х50 mm and 50х50 mm, size of sheets: 131х120mm and  170х120mm

Form of issue: sheets of 6 (3х2) stamps with illustrated margins

Circulation: 300 000 of each stamp (50 000 of sheets). 



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