On June 3, envelope with commemorative stamp “The 300th birth anniversary of Earl P.B. Sheremetev (1713-1788)” in a series “Benefactors of Russia” is issued

Pyotr Borisovich Sheremetev (1713–1788) was the Russian earl, politician, benefactor and collector.

In 1780 earl Pyotr Sheremetev was elected the First Marshal of the Nobility of the Moscow province. In Kuskovo estate with the help of his serf architects he built a series of palaces and gardens which was opened for the people of different class. Being a patron of the arts Pyotr Borisovich became the founder of his own serf theatre where the principal actress was famous Praskovya Kovalyova-Zhemchugova. Continuing the collecting traditions of his father earl Sheremetev compiled various art collections. His numerous collections included paintings, engravings, sculptures, weapon, furniture, porcelain. There were about 500 paintings in his estate Kuskovo. Pyotr Borisovich was also elected an Honorary member of the Academy of Arts.


The envelope with the commemorative stamp depicts earl Sheremetev’s portrait, the pavilion “Grotto” in Kuskovo estate and quotation by his great-grandson S.D. Sheremetev from the book “Reminiscences of the XVIII century”.

Design: А. Moskovets

Face value: letter “A”

Circulation: 500 000 pieces



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