Preview of stamps and envelopes to be issued in June

On June 3, envelope with commemorative stamp “The 300th birth anniversary of Earl P.B. Sheremetev (1713-1788)” in a series “Benefactors of Russia” is issued.

Pyotr Borisovich Sheremetev (1713–1788) was the Russian earl, politician, benefactor and collector.

In 1780 earl Pyotr Sheremetev was elected the First Marshal of the Nobility of the Moscow province. In Kuskovo estate with the help of his serf architects he built a series of palaces and gardens which was opened for the people of different class. Being a patron of the arts Pyotr Borisovich became the founder of his own serf theatre where the principal actress was famous Praskovya Kovalyova-Zhemchugova. Continuing the collecting traditions of his father earl Sheremetev compiled various art collections. His numerous collections included paintings, engravings, sculptures, weapon, furniture, porcelain. There were about 500 paintings in his estate Kuskovo. Pyotr Borisovich was also elected an Honorary member of the Academy of Arts.


The envelope with the commemorative stamp depicts earl Sheremetev’s portrait, the pavilion “Grotto” in Kuskovo estate and quotation by his great-grandson S.D. Sheremetev from the book “Reminiscences of the XVIII century”.

А. Moskovets

Face value: letter “A”

Circulation: 500 000 pieces


Ice-class tanker «Timofey Guzhenko»


Tanker "Timofey Guzhenko" is the third ship of reinforced ice class tankers destined for the marine transportation of oil in the framework of the Arctic energy project "Varandey".


The ship meets all modern international requirements in the field of navigation safety and environmental protection. With a view to determine the best technical features of vessels, which in the future will ensure the transportation of large lots of oil and gas in the conditions of Arctic and the Far East seas, the tanker "Timofey Guzhenko" is equipped with a system of sensors and measuring devices allowing to monitor the condition of the ship’s body, machinery and systems while operating in the ice and at low temperatures. 

Scientific and Research vessel «Vyacheslav Tikhonov»


The ship "Vyacheslav Tikhonov" is destined for carrying out geological exploration on the continental shelf, particularly in difficult climatic conditions of Arctic and sub-Arctic seas.  


The appearance of this modern ship in the Russian fleet will expand the range of services provided to oil and gas companies operating on the Russian continental shelf, and will provide the Alliance “Sovkomflot-Sevmorneftegeofizika” with an  access to the most modern technologies of data collection and seismic fleet exploitation, with particular focus on the Arctic conditions. The appearance of such a vessel will also help to reduce the       technological inferiority of the Russian contractors before leading foreign seismic companies. 

Дизайн: А. Дробышев.

Номинал: 14,25 р.

Размер марок: 50х37 мм, размер листа: 124х209 мм.

Форма выпуска: листы с оформленными полями (2х5) из 8марок  и купона

Тираж: 328 тыс. экз. каждой марки (41 тыс. листов).


On June 10, envelope with commemorative stamp «The 100th birth anniversary of T.N. Khrennikov (1913–2007), composer» is issued 

Tikhon Nikolaevich Khrennikov (1913–2007) was the Soviet and Russian composer, teacher and public figure.

Being a student Khrennikov created the First Piano Concert (1933) and the First symphony (1935) which at once obtained the consensual recognition. He was working fruitfully for the dramatic theatre, cinema and television, composed music for the following plays “Much Ado About Nothing” (1936), “Don Quixote” (1941), a comedy “Long, Long Ago” (1942). Khrennikov also had significant achievements in song genre: “Song about Moscow” from “A pig-tender and a shepherd” movie (1941), from the movies “Faithful friends” (1954) and “Husser Ballad” (1963), soundtracks to the “At six p.m. after the war” (1944), “Donetsk miners” (1950) and others.

Envelope with commemorative stamp depicts T.N. Khrennikov’s portarait and the initial bars of “Svetlana’s Lullaby” from the movie “Husser Ballad”, and the process of music creating on the main portrayal.

Design: А. Moskovets

Face value: letter “A”

 Circulation: 1 million pieces

On 17 June, three stamps in a series “Modern Russian art” are issued.


D.А. Belyukin is People’s artist of Russia, associate member of Russian art academy, member of the Artist’s Union of Russia and Moscow Union of Artists. He paints in the tradition of the classical Russian School of Arts and regularly exhibits. Mr. Belyukin is awarded by St. All-praised Apostle Andrew The Firstcalled Fund “For faith and fidelity” (2009) and the holder of the national prize «Person of the 2009 year».


А.А. Lyubavin is Honoured artist of Russia, President of the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow, member of the Artist’s Union of USSR (since 1983), prize winner of Lenin Komsomol in Moscow region (1984). He also lectures at Kosygin MSTU and participates at regional, zonal, republican, all-Russian exhibitions. Lyubavin works are presented in the main museums of Russia.  He also awarded by Central Committee AULYCL and Union of Artists of USSR, golden medal of Russian Academy of Arts (2003).


V.P. Polotnov is People’s artist of Russia, Honoured artist of Russia. Secretary of the Artist’s Union of Russia. Corporate executive of Moscow  Artist’s Association. Member of creative union “Romantics of realism”. Awarded the certificate of the Russian Art Academy, special prize of  Savrasov Artist’s Union, Silver Medal of the Russian Art Academy. Polotnov’s works are kept in collections of the Exhibition Directory of the Artist’s Union of Russia, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, of museums in Belgorod, Kirov, Vologda, Mogilev, Vyshny Volochyok, art gallery “Art Prima” and also in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Postage stamps depict the paintings by D.A. Belyukin “Indian summer. Early mornung” (2003), be А.А. Lyubavin «A girl and a city» (2005), V.P. Polotnov «On the Trubezh river» (2008).

Designer: О. Ivanova

Face value: 15 rubles

Size of stamps: 37х50 mm and 50х50 mm, size of sheets: 131х120mm and  170х120mm

Form of issue: sheets of 6 (3х2) stamps with illustrated margins


Circulation: 300 000 of each stamp (50 000 of sheets).

On June 18, stamp «Coat of arms of Kazan» is issued


Coat of arms of Kazan is the official symbol of the municipal formation of the city alongside with the flag and the official insignia of Kazan mayor. The first official coat of arms of the city was approved in 1781. The current variant of the coat of arms and the flag appeared in 2005. It depicts a black dragon with the dark red tongue and wings, with golden paws, claws and eyes, crowned with golden crown and placed on silver background with green land. The shield is topped with Kazan headline. According to the blazonry traditions a dragon symbolizes vigour, wisdom  and  invincibility, land — life and wealth, a crown — maturity and the top headline above the shield — capital status of the city.

Stamp depicts coat of arms of Kazan.

Designer: А. Povarikhin.

Face value: 14,25 rubles

Size of stamp: 18,5х26 mm, size of stamp: 107х166 mm

Form of issue: sheets of 30 (5х6) stamps


Circulation: 1,11 million of each stamp (37 000 of sheets).


On June 18, stamp “Coat of arms of Alexandrov” is issued


Coat of arms of Alexandrov is the historical symbol of the city approved together with the other coats of arms of Vladimir province in 1781.  Coat of arms of Vladimir is in the upper part, in the lower - bench screw and two anvils on the sides on red background symbolizing that “considerable locksmith works are conducted in this city”.

Stamp depicts coat of arms of Alexandrov.

Designer: А. Povarikhin.

Face value: 10 rubles

Size of stamp: 18,5х26 mm, size of sheet: 107х166 mm

Form of issue: sheets of 30 (5х6) stamps

Circulation: 780 000 of each stamp (26 000 of sheets).


On June 24, postal card with commemorative stamp “The 150th birth anniversary of V.L. Durov (1863–1934), animal trainer, founder of the circus dynasty, people’s artist of RSFSR” is issued


On June 24, postal card with commemorative stamp “The 150th birth anniversary of V.L. Durov (1863–1934), animal trainer, founder of the circus dynasty, people’s artist of RSFSR” is issued

 Vladimir Leonidovich Durov (1863–1934) was clown-animal trainer, Honoured artist of RSFSR. In 1912 he organized laboratory where he led experimental and research activity in the field of innate instincts and reflexes of animals. Animal training Durov constructed on the principle of feeding which means that acquisition of conditional reflexes is attained via incentives: an animal got nutrition for the accomplished feat. V.L. Durov invented several unique tricks: “Mice railway” and famous “Grand railway” (afterwards known as “Durov grand railway”). This trick involved more than 100 animals with different roles.

The postal card with commemorative stamp depicts V.L.Durov portrait against the backdrop of theatre bill and famous trick “Durov grand railway”.

Design: R. Komsa

Face value: letter “B”


Circulation: 12 000 pieces


On June 25, souvenir sheet with one stamp “XXVII Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan” is issued



The first Summer Student Games were held in May 1923 in Paris.  In 1928 the first Winter Games took place. The Student Games have already taken place in Russia - in 1973 in Moscow.  In 2013 Kazan city will host the Summer Universiade.  This event will gather young athletes from all over the world in the city with unique multinational heritage, will continue the Russian sport traditions, will act as jumping-off place for the new generations of athletes.

Souvenir sheet depicts the logo, special mascot of the event – snow leopard’s cub Yuni, panoramic view of Kazan Kremlin and QR-code of XXVII Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan.

Presentation pack with souvenir sheets and FDCs with cancellation are to be issued.

Design: Kh. Betredinova

Face value: 25 rubles

Size of souvenir sheet: 90х80 mm, size of stamp: 30х42 mm

Circulation: 85 000 of souvenir sheets


On June 29, postage stamps of the series «XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi. Winter Olympic sports» are issued

The issue of 2013 is devoted to the sports disciplines like bobsleighing, figure skating and Nordic combined.

XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi will be a real celebration of sport. More than 5,500 athletes and team members from over 80 countries will come to Sochi in 2014. The competitions within the framework of the Olympic Games will be held from 7 to 23 February 2014, will be contested 98 sets of medals.


Bobsleighing is a team kind of sport which involves high-speed descent down specially equipped iced track on steerable sledges (bobs). Two-person and four-person bobs are used. Three types of competition make up the Olympic bobsleigh program: men compete in two- and four-person bobs, women - in two-person sledges.


Figure skating is a kind of sport involving women and men competing in single skating, mixed pairs in pair skating and in sport dancing. As long ago as in 1908 figure skating competitions for the first time were added to the Olympic Games Program in London. The program of Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi includes the following figure skating competitions: individual competitions among men and women, competitions in pair skating, dancing on ice as well as team competitions.


Nordic combined includes jumping from a trampoline and ski race for 10 km.  The Olympic program of Nordic Combined for men is made up of three types of competitions: jumping from a regular trampoline, jumping from a large trampoline and team championship (two jumps from a large trampoline by each teammate and race 4х5 km).

Presentation pack with souvenir sheets and FDCs with cancellation are to be issued.

Designer: А. Drobyshev

Face value: 25 rubles

Size of stamp: 37х37 mm, size of sheet: 131х131 mm

Form of issue: sheets with illustrated margins of 8 stamps (3х3) and coupon


Circulation: 560 000 of each stamp (70 000 of sheets).

On June 29, postage stamp of a series “Cavaliers of The Order of the St. Andrew the First-Called” devoted to R.G. Gamzatov is issued


Rasul Gamzatovich Gamzatov (1923–2003) was outstanding Avar Soviet and Russian poet, publicist and politician. He was the People’s poet of Dagestan ASSR (1959), Hero of Socialist Labour (1974), was awarded Lenin Prize (1963) and Stalin Prize of third class (1952), member of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (since 1944).

The first book in Avar by Gamzatov was issued in 1943. He also translated  classical and modern Russian literature into Avar, including Pushkin, Lermontov, Mayakovsky and Esenin. Rasul Gamzatov acted as member of editorial board of the following magazines and newspapers: “New world”, “Friendship of Peoples”, “Literaturnaya Gazeta”, “Literaturnaya Rossiya” and others. He was Head of since 1951 Writer’s Organization of Dagestan,   Deputy to the Supreme Soviet of USSR of 6th-8th callings (since 1962). Member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of USSR (1962–1966, since 1971). Full member of Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Postage stamp depicts portrait of R.G. Gamzatov and The Order of the St. Andrew the First-Called.

Design: А. Drobyshev

Face value: 15 rubles

Size of stamp: 50х37 mm, size of sheet: 170х168 mm

Form of issue: sheets of 11 stamps (3х4) and coupon


Circulation: 385 000 of each stamp (35 000 of sheets)

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