On May 18, souvenir sheet with one stamp “The 500th anniversary of the Alexandrovskaya Sloboda” is issued

The Alexandrovskaya Sloboda is the oldest residence of Moscow monarchs. By the order of the Grand Prince of Moscow Vasily III the best Russian and Italian artists have built a magnificent palace in Alexandrovskaya Sloboda. Since December 11, 1513 Sloboda became the residence of the Monarch, his family and court. The Embassies from many European countries were received and the most important political and trade agreements were concluded in the chambers of the Alexandrov Kremlin.

Tsar Ivan the Terrible made the Alexandrovskaya Sloboda the actual capital of the country, from where he completed consolidation of the country. There the oprichnina was established and from where the campaign against free Novgorod started. By the will of Tsar Sloboda became the largest cultural center of the Russian State. The best architects, icon painters, musicians lived and worked there.

The souvenir sheet depicts the ensemble of the Alexandrovsky Kremlin of the XVI century.

The illustrate cover is prepared for the issue; there is souvenir sheet and FDC with cancellation inside of it.

Design: R. Komsa.

Face value: 50 rubles.

Size of souvenir sheet: 104х76 mm, size of stamp in the souvenir sheet: 30х42 mm.

Circulation: 80 thousand souvenir sheets.




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