On May 8, postage stamps of the series “Weapon of the Victory. Warships” are issued


The course of military actions during the Great Patriotic War has shown that the Military Maritime Fleet of the USSR coped with whole variety of assigned tasks. It has assisted to the troops of the Soviet army in executing operations in the maritime directions and performed independent combat operations on the break-down of adversary’s water communications as well as the dependence of its routes of communication.     

The postage stamps depict the following ships:

Red Banner mine sweeper “Mina”.

Mine sweeper “Mina” took part in the landing operations in 1942 in Alushta, in 1943 in South Ozereika and other combat operations. The mine sweeper was awarded the title of Red Banner for successful combat actions, courage and bravery of the military personnel. 



Guard escort ship “Metel”. Weapon of the Victory.

The escort ship “Metel” maintained a patrol on the approaches to the main base of fleet, convoyed landing and transport ships, launched an assault into enemy’s bases and ports. On August 26, 1945 the Escort ship “Metel” was awarded the title “Guard”.



Guard armored boat BKA-75

In 1942 the armored boat BKA-75 participated in battles for Stalingrad. In spring and in summer of 1943 BKA-75 convoyed caravans of transport and at the end of the year it took part in a famous Kerch-Eltigen landing operation.  



Red Banner gun vessel “Usyskin”.

Gun vessel “Usyskin” was included into the Volga fleet. It was awarded the title of Red Banner for the participation in the defense of Stalingrad.


Two illustrated covers are prepared to the issue: three-leaved cover consists of four postage stamps and a small sheet, FDC with cancellation; four-leaved cover consists of five small sheets. 


Design: A. Drobyshev.

Face value: 10, 12, 15 and 20 rubles.

Size of stamps: 65х32,5 mm.

Form of issue: sheets with illustrated margins of 15 (3х5) stamps.

Circulation: 465 thousand pieces of each stamp (31 thousand sheets).


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